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All yarns used are either from natural or reclaimed materials. Most of them are hand-dyed and as much as possible organic, hand-spun and locally sourced.

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02 December 2010


Ondine is actually the second piece of a series of necklaces that are crocheted on the same theme. It was made for a friend's 40th birthday, and it can be said that if she was a necklace, she would be Ondine. It was the colour of her eyes that triggered my choice of colours. They're not green, they're not blue, they are a true "aqua", like the eyes of Athena in Odysseus.

Aquamarine stones were lurking in a corner of my treasure box and naturally found their way into the loops of my yarn.

When i looked at the necklace, it looked like a waterfall, the perfect gift for a mermaid!

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