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09 December 2010

Earth's Tears

The early planet was covered in volcanoes. These had a major effect on earth and helped to create the atmosphere. Volcanoes have fascinated mankind for millennia. The Ancients held the explosions of molten rock and gases to be the work of Vulcan (Roman version of Greek Hephaistos) forging away in his lava den. Johannes Kepler believed that volcanoes were the tear ducts or Mother Earth.

What a beautiful metaphor indeed. The tears of Mother Nature, her lava tears hardening and shaping our land, sometimes an underrated basalt, sometimes a coveted diamond..... I like to think Mr Kepler was right.

Some cheeky people will say that lava tears, like woman tears, are unpredictable... But remember : "the Kabbalah teaches that the female is more sensitive because her soul is more connected; that’s why she cries more, that’s why she understands more." (Rabbi Asher Jacobson in an interview about the Star of David, Shekinah and the Kabbalah)

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