Créateurs de Perles en Fils

All yarns used are either from natural or reclaimed materials. Most of them are hand-dyed and as much as possible organic, hand-spun and locally sourced.

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19 May 2011

Rastafarian Story-teller

To my great enjoyment, i have access to the library of the school, so two weeks ago i found one book called "The gnome craft book" and i can't let it go anymore!

The Story-Telling Gnome in angora wool....mmmm, so fluffy and cuddly

And as i was researching wool-felted dreadlocks... i had to...

These lovely puppets have hollow arms in which you slip your thumb and your index finger, and so they can tell stories! I haven't made faces. I decided it was quite unnecessary since they come alive and very expressive as you play with them. The rastafarian story-teller is a gift to my brother, and he was made entirely of cotton and bamboo yarn from Vinni's Colours (Cape Town), his dreads are felted with merino wool from Cape Town. I dresed him with the colours of the SA flag. A true citizen!