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All yarns used are either from natural or reclaimed materials. Most of them are hand-dyed and as much as possible organic, hand-spun and locally sourced.

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26 November 2010


During one of my trips to Durban city, i stumbled upon a beautiful tree. I had to stop and drive back to the spot!
Fluffy flower... that's what i googled, and here it was, my fluffy wonder!

Needless to say i immediately planned a necklace featuring it. A bit more research told me its name was Barringtonia racemosa, and that it was, in fact, a mangrove tree. Durban being such a humid place, the tree likes it and grows there, even though its feet are not in water, but in concrete (go figure Nature). For more info go to

Oh, yes, and it does look like the designers of the world of Avatar could have been inspired by it for the "pure spirits of Aiwa"

What if you could wear them?

The finished necklace

The barringtonia flower and a blossom
That's all for today!

24 November 2010

I can't see clearly now

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I have designed a few necklaces since my last post, but i wanted to share this design first.
I have been wanting to make a bridal head-dress for a long time, but i just wasn't sure what flower to use, apart from the orange blossoms which symbolizes purity (virginity). I came across the passion flowers and there was no doubt it was destined to adorn a bride. The symbolism of it is very rich :
When the Spanish conquistadors came across it in South America, they saw in it the symbols of the Passion of Christ (yes, with a long stretch of the imagination, they saw the whip and the thorns in the centre of the flower). The sad bit of the story is that they used it a sign from God that they were allowed to conquer the land. And therefore kill anyone who stood in their way. Hence its name, Passiflora, the flower of Passion.
To the Incas, it was the Vine of Souls, to the Mayas, it was the Vine of prophecy, to the Aztecs, it was the Healing Vine... for more info in a very detailed and very well research text, go to
Coming back to my design, i loved the intricacy of the passion flower.

Let's add to the orange blossoms (virginity, purity) a pinch of passion, a sprinkle of soul and a spoonful of magic!

 The Passiflora (well, one of them, there are so many with such beautiful colours, they look as if they are coming straight from Paradise)

 Orange blossoms... fresh water pearls....

Et voilà Passiflora!

[edit] My father just told me that there are more than 500 types of Passiflora!