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All yarns used are either from natural or reclaimed materials. Most of them are hand-dyed and as much as possible organic, hand-spun and locally sourced.

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22 August 2011

Hoodia Gordoni

The other day i was browsing the shelves of our local chemist. I was looking for something that would cut my appetite. I know. How terrible. So i browse the shelves, trying not to get noticed... Hmmm, no, no, just having a look... And then i see it. An amazing plant : Hoodia Gordoni. Needless to say i forgot all about my muffin top and started twisting yarn in my mind to recreate those silky flowers on the rough and thorny cactus.
Turns out not only the plant is beautiful, but the San people used it to control their appetite when hunting for long periods. I can't say it works for me, as a tea it tastes fine, and i suppose that's enough. Just have a cup of Hoodia and stay away from muffins, huh.

Hoodia Gordoni

I hunted for the perfect pink, but it only came out after some experiments with dyes....
So here it is!

Hoodia - Mohair and cotton

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